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    Family is the cornerstone of our society and therefore the family system plays a huge part in where we are with respect to how we are relating to each other in the family. As parents, now more than ever, we are taking a closer look at what our changing society has created -- faster growth in the teen pop culture, increased exposure to issues we did not foresee. Teens today are bombarded and are dealing with issues of sex, drugs, alcohol, risk-taking peer pressure, smoking, divorce. They live the tough issues our parents never discussed. Because of this, teens voice their opinions directly, loudly and with or without emotion. Conflict and turmoil have entered into your family with your teen and you are at wits end not knowing what to do. So what brought you here most likely is much of the above and you are looking for some solutions which will allow you and your family to regain the love and stability you once knew. Welcome! We are glad you are here. Teen Soulutions brings you a Path to Change (Schools and Programs for your struggling teen) for your family. We want you to know you are not alone. The Solution is the key to healing your family. The Schools and Programs we direct you to are more than effective, results are proven. Bottom line is - THEY WORK.
    As parents, professionals and teen/young adult graduates of the Programs we all advocate, we at Teen Soulutions have successfully addressed and resolved the issues our families faced. The path we each took to get here today was not easy, yet required nothing that we did not already have -- a revisit to our family value frame, the desire to Change within then taking deliberate action to make the change work. The good news is our families are whole again, our children are alive and well to tell their stories, loving life once again as you see their God given talents at work and play in what they do. You see, our families involved here in making a difference share your passion of Family and have walked in your shoes, from that compassionate listening counselor on the phone to the editor, webmaster, film producer, photographer. The students and families you see here all are grassroots families just like you.

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